International Journal of Systems and Society

Published by IGI Global

The International Journal of Systems and Society (IJSS) is the publication of the UK Systems Society (UKSS). Authors who are a member of the UKSS, and also authors from the wider systems community, are encouraged to publish their research, practice, and thoughts about Systems theory and practice. The journal is not limited to one particular area of systems practice nor to one perspective, rather, it encourages researchers and practitioners who have applied holistic thinking across a variety of complex situations to submit their experiences and lessons. To submit a paper to the IJSS, please click here.

IGI Global is an international academic publisher who partners with industry-leading researchers and scholars worldwide in order to enrich and expand the body of scientific knowledge. IGI Global works in close collaboration with book/e-book distributors and journal subscription agencies in order to make IGI Global publications easily accessible to libraries across the globe. Such distributors include IGI Global’s preferred distributor Eurospan Group, as well as EBSCO, Dawson Books, etc. Thanks to partnerships such as these, IGI Global’s impressive portfolio of journals, including the International Journal of Systems and Society (IJSS), is more readily available to researchers, academicians, and students. Furthermore, other considerable outreach avenues, namely book fairs, conferences, and social media, are used to promote and circulate IGI Global’s content.

The UKSS began its association with IGI Global in 2014 and is now planning to build on this foundation to increase its impact within the UK and beyond. The IJSS can be accessed online through the UKSS webpage, but please note that a subscription is necessary to have full access; Nonetheless, the publisher provides a variety of outlets for authors to distribute their work [see below]

Notes for authors

As a publisher that is committed to disseminating knowledge worldwide, IGI Global understands how important it is for authors to make their work available to their community. For that reason, under its Fair Use Policy, the publisher allows authors to utilize their final typeset PDF of their chapter or article in their teaching materials, as they may also post them on their own secure personal website and/or university repository site. To learn more about Fair Use Policy, please click here.

In addition to the aforementioned outreach methods, find below a more extensive list of ways that IGI Global promotes its journals, ultimately making them more visible and coveted by the academic community:

Customized outreach to institutions and researchers identified as interested in the journal

  • Outreach to Universities who appear on an author’s profile under their affiliations
  • Outreach to researchers in relevant fields of study
  • Outreach to librarians and researchers provided by the contributors of the journal

Journal forms

  • Librarian Recommendation form are sent to faculty members, who can then fill them out and give their library the opportunity to purchase a journal subscription at a 25% discount
  • Brochures – promotional brochure/flyer that editors and contributors can utilize at conferences
  • Discount Forms are provided upon request
  • Conference Discount Forms can be utilized at conferences, and offers an exclusive discount code that cannot be used otherwise

Displays at conferences

Newsroom Posts

  • Contributors have the opportunity to work with IGI Global marketers on blog posts to be shared in the Newsroom. These posts range from a simple Q&A to a trending topic relevant to the publication and its topics covered
  • These articles can be shared across all social media by ourselves as well as contributors.
  • Free Content Program
  • One journal article is offered for free every month. This is a great publicity opportunity for the journal
  • Free Content Articles are then shared in IGI Global’s Newsroom accompanied with a brief description of the article and some of the questions/topics found within

Promotional Videos

  • To be shared on social media – these videos are short and concise introductions to a journal
  • Editors-in-Chief are given the opportunity to make videos themselves if they are interested

Abstract Announcements

  • These are completed for each journal issue and are released about a week prior to the release of a new issue
  • Can also be shared across all social media
  • These are also sent to relevant press contacts