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UKSS Online Conference 2022 –  will be in June (20th & 21s) –  the theme is ‘Joined-up thinking for a disconnected world’

“The Conference Committee met on Wednesday the 11th of May and decided to switch to a virtual event like last year. 

Essentially, several factors seem to be conspiring against the Society; thus, to protect the Conference and provide a meaningful experience for delegates, we will deliver the Conference using Zoom the same as last year’s successful event. 

We have reduced the registration fee to £35 per delegate, and we will email a certificate of engagement to each delegate and award the best abstract, presentation, and paper prizes. The latter recipients we will also showcase in the Conference version of Systemist. 

In the meantime, for those delegates who have already registered for Conference, we will refund the difference to you. 

Further, we are extending the deadline for abstracts to the 10th of June. We will be in touch with you shortly with updated Conference paperwork.

Thank you!

Please download the flyer with joining instructions:

UKSS Conference 2022 Delegate Joining Instruction 14th Apr 2022 (210.0 KiB)

The submission guidelines for papers are here:

UK-Systems-Society-and-SPMC-submission-guidelines (48.8 KiB)

Online workshops

See our event flyer:

UKSS Scheduled Systems Forums For 2022 2nd May.22 V4
UKSS Scheduled Systems Forums For 2022 2nd May.22 V4
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Past conferences

UKSS Conference 21st June 2021 – Online 

Systems Research in the Digital Age

Download the main flyer:

Conference 2021 Calling Notice
Conference 2021 Calling Notice
603.0 KiB
UKSS Conference 24th June 2019 – Bournemouth University 

Systems Thinking and the Circular Economy

In a world where traditional conventions, business practices and modes of operation, and resources utilisation are being brought into question, how might businesses, institutes and organisations approach these things differently?

Download the main flyer:

UKSS Conference 2019 Advanced Notice (156.3 KiB)

19th International Conference June 2018

Can systemic thinking reshape health services?

In association with SPMC and the Schumacher Institute; supported by the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics and the Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sui Sistemi.

The keynote presentations are now available for download:

NHS Systems Thinking June 2018 Alex Whitfield
NHS Systems Thinking June 2018 Alex Whitfield
2.7 MiB
NHS Systems Thinking June 2018 Heather Caudle
NHS Systems Thinking June 2018 Heather Caudle
1.5 MiB

18th International Conference July 2014: Practice of Systems Ideas in a Knowledge Society
Keynotes by Professor Simon Bell, Open University, Professor Gerald Midgley, University of Hull and Patrick Hoverstadt, SCiO

17th International Conference Sept 2013: Systems and Society: Ideas from practice
Keynote speakers were: Professor Ranulph Glanville, President of the American Society for Cybernetics, Professor Raul Espejo, Director–General of the World Organization off Systems and Cybernetics and Clive Hutchinson, Company leader at Gougar Automation.

16th International Conference Aug 2012: Global Crises: Exploring the Systems Perspectives
Keynote speakers were: Professor Edward Borodzicz, Strategy and Business Systems, University of Portsmouth,Professor Gerald Midgley, Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull. Plus a workshop with Tony Hodgson.

Other past speakers:

  • Professor John Naughton
  • Dr Martin Reynolds
  • Professor Peter Checkland
  • Linda Macauley, Manchester Business School
  • Michael C. Jackson, Hull Business School
  • John Seddon, Vanguard
  • Dr Joanne Tippett, University of Manchester
  • Professor Ralph Stacey, University of Hertfordshire
  • Dr. Tony Kendle, Foundation Director at the Eden Project
  • Mark Lynas
  • Sarb Sembhi, Director of Metis-For
  • Professor Bernard Lietaer
  • Geoff Mulgan, Director of the Young Foundation
  • Prof. Kees van der Heijden, Strathclyde University
  • Christopher Tchen, Partner at Carbon Limiting Technologies
  • Ian Mitroff – Gold Medal Award 2006
  • John Ward
  • Fritjof Capra, author of “Hidden Connections” and “The Web of Life”
  • Professor Peter Reason, Unversity of Bath
  • Humberto Maturana
  • Pille Bunnell