For many years the UK Systems Society published its own journal, called the Systemist – two or three times a year with occasional special editions. In 2012 we negotiated a contract with the international journal publishers IGI to launch a new publication called the International Journal for Systems & Society. This is available on subscription. Access is electronic but print versions are available at extra cost.

This has taken the UK Systems Society to a new level and provides members with a service that is more appropriate for the growing awareness of systems ideas.

“You never learn by doing something right ‘cause you already know how to do it. You only learn from making mistakes and correcting them.”
Russell Ackoff

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Editorials and contents of past issues

Vol 1 No.1 January – June 2014 Systems Thinking
Vol 1 No. 2 July – December 2014 Interdisciplinarity
Vol 2 No. 1 January – June 2015 The Practice
Vol 2 No. 2 July – December 2015 Special edition from Roma
Vol 3 No. 1 January – June 2016 Guest Edition – Systems and the SocioTechnical approach
Vol 3 No. 2 July- December 2016 Systems Forum
Vol 4 No. 1 January – June 2017 The Future of Systems is in the Past
Vol 4 No. 2 July – December 2017 Socio-technical perspectives on Information Systems Security
Vol 5 No. 1 January – June 2018 Knowledge, health and management
Vol 5 No. 2 July – December 2018 Conference papers and Health Care