UKSS 21st International Conference

Systems Research in the Digital Age The 21st UKSS International Conference will be online. The date is the 21st June 2021. Announcement Please submit your paper to Systemist [] where it will be refereed and considered for publication in the next edition. It is worth remembering that papers published in Systemist will be open access and with the copyright remaining with the author. We wish you good Systems practice  Keep healthy  Frank Stowell President UKSS on behalf of the management Read More …

WOSC 2020 Congress

18th Congress – WOSC 2020, from the 16th to the 18th of September 2020. Systems approach and cybernetics; engaging in the future of mankind. The significance of systems and cybernetics in the future of societies. Download flyer: With the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences Link to stream run by UKSS President Frank Stowell: