UKSS 21st International Conference – postponed

Systems Research in the Digital Age

The 21st UKSS International Conference was to been at Lancaster University on Monday the 22nd of June 2020.


It will come as no surprise to you that we have decided to postpone our annual conference. It is our plan to hold the conference in June 2021 at the University of Lancaster, the same venue as this year. By then we should be over the worst of the effects of this pandemic.

As you can imagine we have not taken this decision lightly as the management team have already put in a great deal of effort to make it a success. It would be wrong to mention any single individual as we have worked as a team throughout, but I feel I must publicly thank Gary Evans, our conference director who, despite a heavy professional workload, has put this years event together. It won’t be wasted as we will use the planning as the basis of next years conference.

We know that many of you have already prepared, or are preparing your conference submission. To this end we have decided to ask that you submit your paper to Systemist [] where it will be refereed and considered for publication in the next edition, planned for September. It is worth remembering that papers published in Systemist will be open access and with the copyright remaining with the author. As an added incentive we will give free membership to the UKSS for the coming year for all published authors in this edition.

We will continue with our newsletter and updating the UKSS web page – please check this for information about forthcoming events and the 2021 conference.

We wish you good Systems practice 

Keep healthy 

Frank Stowell

President UKSS on behalf of the management team

Christine Welch, Ian Roderick, Pauline Roberts, Gary Evans, Petia Sice

For information – download the conference flyer:

Conference 2020 Calling Notice 3rd Mar 20
Conference 2020 Calling Notice 3rd Mar 20
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